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Ivana Cajina photographer website home page by Aaron Rolston

Ivana Cajina

Crafting a new online portfolio.

Brand Identity

Squarespace Website

Ivana Cajina (“Von”) is a film and digital photographer based in Tampa, Florida. After doing business exclusively on Instagram for years, she wanted to create a portfolio website for potential clients to experience before reaching out. As a photographer, curation is your best friend when it comes to creating a website. Rather than sharing every photo you’ve ever taken, the more thoughtful approach is to categorize and segment for the sake of a seamless viewing experience. Von’s portfolio is a beautifully mixed bag of client types, subjects, and even visual formats, so we made it top priority to curate pages that would make browsing easy for visitors.

Ivana Cajina logo on mountainous photo
Ivana Cajina photographer mobile website by Aaron Rolston
Ivana Cajina photographer website home page by Aaron Rolston