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Kindred is a luxury wedding videography company, creating beautifully cinematic films for couples. With an overabundance of “light and airy”, fine-art videographers saturating the wedding video market, there bloomed an opportunity to produce a different kind of film and brand — one that organically captured intimate moments that didn’t feel staged, fake, or over-done, and carried with it a slightly edgier emotional response.

The challenge was to create a brand experience that reflected that dual-reality: Being both intriguingly darker than most other brands in the industry, while also remaining hopeful and welcoming. The name came first. The idea of “kindred spirits” was a natural fit, both poetically and literally — people of similar perspectives and values, seeking to elevate the memory of an amazing wedding day through imagery.  By pairing this theme with language that points to deep community and togetherness, the message rang loud and true: We’re in this together. Kindred’s positioning parallels its aesthetic: Minimalist and welcoming, but expertly crafted with intention.