Meghan Riordan Jarvis

Rebranding psychotherapy.

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Meghan Riordan Jarvis is a clinical psychotherapist, writer, podcast host, and sought after consultant with over twenty years of experience in the fields of trauma, grief and loss. As a referral from a previous Studio Mesa client, Meghan realized she wanted to transform her website and brand identity to reflect a new direction in her business: Executive consulting.

Her existing brand was a solid basis to build from, but needed a bit of finessing to really feel high-end. The bright seafoam green waves are a central element in the brand, but they came across as a bit too stark — dulling the colors by about 10% ensured that the first impression would be more calming, approachable, and professional, while retaining that beachy charm. The red buoy is also crucial to Meghan’s identity as a source of resource and help for those who need it, but after years of file transfers, the original file had become pretty degraded. After a new “coat of paint” and retracing it to perfection, the red buoy lives to see a new day.

Meghan’s website hadn’t changed for many years, with hundreds of blog posts shared on Wordpress. We revamped the entire experience in Squarespace: Condensing pages of content, reshaping the visual flow, and injecting fresh instances of the brand. Notably, we restructured her “Resources” pages to be better organized and easier to update, allowing for greater long-term independence and impact. Showcasing her consulting services and credentials was crucial to ensuring new clients could easily discover how Meghan can help their organizations and teams thrive.