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Qualified Meetings mobile website mockup by Aaron Rolston

Qualified Meetings

Refreshing a sales consulting firm's site.

Squarespace Website

Qualified Meetings is a sales recruiting and training company, helping cybersecurity and IT software brands level-up their sales programs. They have an astonishing track record to their name: Over $2 Billion in IT sales pipeline generated for their clients, accomplished by transacting over 10 Million unique sales interactions.

QM had just hired our former client, Meridian, to create a new overview video for their website, and decided it was time for a redesign of the full site to properly showcase the new video. Their previous site was built on Wordpress, so we started by importing all existing content over into Squarespace. Partnering with the QM team, we crafted some new copy and content to fill in the gaps, ensuring everything aligned perfectly with their business goals.

In an industry that can get very complex, very quickly, it was of paramount importance to keep the site’s design as simple and focused as possible. Instead of huge walls of text to communicate complicated ideas, we chose to implement a variety of curated icons, compact elements, and imagery to bring clarity to visitors. Every design detail gives precedence to the user’s experience, captivating their attention and motivating them to reach out.

Qualified Meetings desktop website mockup by Aaron Rolston
Qualified Meetings long-scroll website mockup by Aaron Rolston
Qualified Meetings mobile website grid mockup by Aaron Rolston