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Renée Lertzman mobile website mockup by Aaron Rolston

Renèe Lertzman

Climate psychology made human.

Squarespace Website

A great website is able to clearly share what someone is about, what makes them different, and why anyone should care. Renée is a world-renowned climate psychologist: She consults with global brands, and has even given a TED talk. But even still, she felt that her current site was lacking the clarity to really help visitors understand what exactly she tangibly does.

She started by working with Anne Miltenburg at Brand the Change to uncover a new brand identity, reshaping things to feel more contemporary and clean—The New Yorker was a constant point of reference. At the end of this process, the rough layout for a new site was completed and brought to me to bring to life in Squarespace.

Much of the environmental / psychology space can feel clinical, trying to connect to people with cold hard facts. We wanted to take a different approach: Bringing vibrancy to spark interest and pique curiosity in a topic that the world so desperately needs to hear about. Paired with some lovely illustrations by the talented Debora Szpilman, Renée’s new site inspires, encourages, and provides clarity—helping more people understand the important work at hand, and how Renée leads that charge.

Renée Lertzman desktop website mockup by Aaron Rolston
Renée Lertzman home page on website by Aaron Rolston
Renée Lertzman long-scroll website mockup by Aaron Rolston