Story + Strategy

Designing a site for global branding experts.

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Story + Strategy is a brand strategy consultancy, lead by two lifelong storytellers who’ve experienced the full gamut of creative entrepreneurship: From directing marketing for global enterprises, to crafting hyperlocal creative campaigns. The beauty of Story + Strategy is that they focus intensely on cultivating themes of deep emotion, narrative, and methodology within organizations — something we also seek to tap into when crafting brands for our clients.

They initially only had the name and a brief style guide, so we took the liberty of building out some new visual systems to design with. The orange / blue palette, paired with the bold sans serif / thin serif fonts creates a stark contrast that visually represents the two sides of their story and strategy approach.

Imagery is a powerful communication tool, capable of eliciting nuanced emotion in viewers. We selected photos that not only created a cohesive look, but insinuated a deeper meaning or story — just as they do in drawing out meaning from the brands they work with. The new Story + Strategy site is bold, exciting, and thought-provoking, and we’re hopeful that it’ll carry their unique vision well for years to come.