Experience wellness through travel.

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Squarespace Website

As a passionate traveller and wellness coach, Jenny wanted to create a brand that blended the best of both interests: Exploring Europe with like-minded people, while helping people finding inner balance through wellness.

We wanted the brand identity to feel slightly whimsical, but still grounded in utility. This started with the wordmark—the Woodland typeface by PangramPangram gave the perfect starting point, giving room to experiment with small accents, like the small diamond above the ‘w’. A blue palette seemed like a natural fit, in both a “the sky’s the limit” kind of way to represent travel, but also to speak the undertones of searching for peace internally.

I started the site with my Parable Squarespace template, which made the building process a breeze. Jenny needed a page template to continually customize as new retreats came around, so I made that just as priority as the home page. Each retreat page gives a nice long-scrolling experience, providing visitors with everything they need to know about a trip. Paired with a simple and clean contact page, the website accomplishes exactly what’s needed for a successful booking signup.