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A clean one-pager for a functional nutritionist.

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Wholehearted Health is the independent practice of Carly Stagg, a Registered Nurse and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner® based in Tampa, FL. She wanted to create a patient experience that blends the best of both traditional medicine and more holistic approaches, focusing primarily on developing personal health and wellness. Carly had been sitting with the name “Wholehearted” for a while, but wasn’t entirely sure it was right for her business. But, after a brief discovery session, uncovering the deeper intention and energy behind what she stands for, we agreed it was the perfect fit.

Wellness can sometimes get a bad rep for being “woo-woo” or “new-age”, so allowing a more humanistic tone shine through the brand was important. Mild tones of green, friendly serif typography, and welcoming imagery helped establish a presence that’s both welcoming and professional. Being deeply involved with the field of nutrition, it felt right to include some sparse photos of healthy food and greenery, further driving home the intentions of growth, without giving a “food blogger” vibe.

The Wholehearted website sits neatly on a single page, curated to draw users straight to her call-to-action of having a free consultation. Nice rounded edges and soft animations make each section a pleasant experience to view, no matter where you’re at in the page. Carly’s impressive professional experience is a huge trust-boost for visitors, so we implemented a clean, button-activated light-box that displays her credentials without ever leaving the page. The handy FAQ dropdown also gives visitors the last bit of clarity they need to feel confident in reaching out, making it the ideal concluding section.